South African enquiries

Although there is a worldwide drive to improve the efficiencies of systems, all too often the capital investment required makes many reluctant to make the necessary changes.

This is not the case with the Double Decker Skip Bin System.

  1. Our experience has found that there are “pockets” within every organisation hiring or operating skips where pairs of Double Decker Skip Bins can improve the overall efficiency.  This makes the investment in new capital equipment very small.
  2. For a nominal amount (R18 000 as at May 2010), any existing Duncanmec Skip Loader can be retrofitted to carry Double Decker Skip Bins.
  3. Bins can be purchased in pairs.
  4. Calculating the potential saving for each collection contract is very simple to carry out.

We would be happy to assist you in identifying which single bin skip bins could economically be replaced with Double Decker Skip Bins.